Design Solutions is Moving to Scotts Corner in Pound Ridge, NY

design solutions’ original location, New Canaan

design solutions’ original location, New Canaan


Why is design solutions closing its doors in New Canaan and moving to Scotts Corner in Pound Ridge, NY?

design solutions has been in New Canaan for 24 years, working diligently to provide a unique collection of home furnishings for both adults and kids. When we opened many things were different; there were no cell phones or internet (what is that!?)…the world has changed dramatically since then. The best part of being in New Canaan were the customers, they were loyal. We supported each other, it was a lot simpler.

Today, many of the people who move to town because of the schools, and also for the charm of the town, including its attractive downtown with its mix of shops, don’t shop local. Instead it’s all about price and Prime’s free shipping. Yet, when a fundraiser needs donations those same people ask the merchants for support. When we opened 24 years ago there were two chain stores, today there are 15. There were two banks, today there are 13. It is very difficult to stay in business with the likes of Citibank and J. Crew. They can afford to pay higher rents and when they do, they drive the rents up causing many of the beloved local merchants to leave. But in the end, it’s about the fact that our own residents no longer want to shop local.

Over the years I have attended meetings, written to the local paper, spoken to town officials and yet nothing has changed. The town has been unable to address the problems plaguing the downtown; the pop-up park is not a solution and it isn’t about the lack of parking. It’s not about landlords either, Jerry Silverberg and his wife Jackie have been very decent as landlords and have done what they can to address the rent situation. But in the end, real estate taxes continue to rise, getting passed on to the retail merchants as part of rent. One regrettable result is being forced to downsize faithful staff to save costs. Between the rent inflation caused by national chains and the pass through to merchants of ever-increasing real estate taxes, the local merchants get caught in a squeeze.

It can be very straight forward; when people shop in town, businesses thrive and we in return support all the wonderful volunteer and nonprofit ventures and the town continues to have an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. For me, the saddest part of closing is saying goodbye to the space we’ve occupied in this beautiful town for almost a quarter of a century.

So, we are moving 4.8 miles north to Scotts Corner in Pound Ridge New York, where we will do what we love and hope to see many of you again.

We will start our closing sale July 1 and hope to be open in Scotts Corner on September 1, if not sooner.


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