At design solutions, we’ve been on an endless quest for quality furniture and home accessories since 1995. We provide our clientele creative design choices for all of their furnishing and gift-giving needs. According to the owner Pauline Dora, “Our design approach caters to customers who enjoy mixing color with style, found pieces with accent pieces, and the casual with the formal”. When customers walk into design solutions they find well-styled furniture and accessories that look sharp, fit into any setting, and serve more than one purpose. Our love for mixing colors and styles –blending found and accent pieces– integrates the classic with the contemporary. We hunt for the high-quality traditional, retro, or modern foundation that inspires our clients’ individual style. We offer upholstered and slip-covered furniture in a wide range of beautiful fabrics and provide endless creative options for finding “just the right thing.” We’re committed to sources in the USA whenever possible. And most of all, we love to showcase unique, one-of-a-kind, often exclusive objects from both local and international designers.



Our new home is in bucolic Scotts Corners, Pound Ridge, NY., a hidden gem in Westchester.


Opened in New Canaan, CT, since 1995, we relocated to Pound Ridge in September 2018. Our brand-new store is the latest rendition of our multi-decade experience in home decor and gifts.


We’ve served thousand of happy customers throughout our long design tenure. Our committed clientele hails from all corners of the tri-state area and has happily followed us to our new digs in Pound Ridge, NY.


An eclectic mix of contemporary, local and international artisans and designers are represented. We’re all about discovering the best and the latest home treasures.